Historical Avalanche and Weather Data

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This dashboard provides an interactive viewer for the Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center (BTAC) historic avalanche and weather dataset. Plots update daily with previous 24-hr conditions.


  1. Pan and zoom tools (side bar of plot window)
  2. Dropdown menu for changing displayed season
  3. Buttons to change location for avalanche events and weather stations
  4. Hover tool to display data values
  5. Save tool (side bar of plot window)

Data sources

These plots display long-term historical data (or "white sheet" data) from the BTAC. Weather stations at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort include Rendezvous Bowl plot (9,580'), Raymer plot (9,360'), Mid-Mountain plot (8,180'), and Rendezvous Summit (10,450').

Avalanche Events

Avalanche events submitted by the public or recorded by BTAC forecasters are color-coded for crown depth. Note that crown depth is often estimated by observers. 'Area' includes events from avalanche control work at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and 'BC' is all recorded backcountry events, including the JHMR sidecountry.

New Snow, SWE, Snow Depth, and Settlement

Snow depth is manually measured from a total snow depth stake, and 24-hr new snow and snow water equivalent (SWE) are measured using a SnowMetrics density tube. Measurements represent previous 24-hr totals, and are taken at approximately 10 AM daily. SWE is displayed as SWEx10 to enable quick estimation of new snow density. For example, new snow and SWEx10 bars of equal height represent 10% density. Settlement is calculated as [total depth previous day] + [24-hr new snow] - [total depth current day].

Cumulative SWE

Calculated from 24-hr measured SWE, using rolling cumulative sums over the specified window length.

New Snow Density

Calculated from 24-hr new snow and SWE values, and represented as a unitless fraction following standard SWAG methods.

Air Temp

Includes minimum and maximum values during the previous 24 hrs (5am - 5am).

Wind Speed and Direction

Includes previous 24-hr (5am - 5am) average wind speed, wind direction, and maximum gust. Wind direction vectors indicate the compass direction the wind is from. Recorded at Rendezvous Summit and the Raymer wind station (located on the Headwall ridge above the Raymer Plot). Note: wind direction vectors are best viewed for time ranges of ~3 months or less (use zoom tools).

24-hr Wind Totals

Wind sources same as above, expressed as miles per day (total miles of wind in previous 24 hrs).

URL Query Options

This web app allows for parameters to be passed through the URL address.
URL query allows for definition of start dates, end dates, and various template styles.
Note: start and end dates must be for current season (Oct - May).

parameter     type, descripton
start      =  single quoted date string Y-M-D, starting date to show
end        =  single quoted date string Y-M-D, ending date to show

style      =  string, one of: btac, snowpacktracker, smartmountain, no quotes.



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